‘Kids endangered by puberty blockers’, academics warn

Giving out hormone blockers to ‘pause’ puberty ‘endangers’ young children, medical experts have warned.

In an article published in the New Atlantis science journal, experts warned against using hormone-suppressing drugs to encourage gender-confused children to “transition.”

The authors concluded that there is little scientific evidence to support the use of hormone blockers and they should not be considered a prudent option.

Wrongly affirmed

The article was written by Dr Lawrence S. Mayer and Dr Paul R. McHugh from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Dr Paul W. Hruz of the Washington University School of Medicine.

They wrote that interventions that affirm children as members of the opposite sex “may drive some children to persist in identifying as transgender when they might otherwise have, as they grow older, found their gender to be aligned with their sex”.

The result of this is that “many children who would otherwise not need ongoing medical treatment would be exposed to hormonal and surgical interventions”.

They concluded: “Regardless of the good intentions of the physicians and parents, to expose young people to such treatments is to endanger them.”


Last year, a nine-year-old girl became one of the youngest children in the UK to be given hormone blockers to ‘pause’ puberty. After being allowed to dress as a boy since she was around five, the girl, who calls herself ‘Jason’, started taking hormone blockers privately.

The child appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire programme with her mother, who praised a CBBC documentary about a transsexual teenager.

The girl’s father had previously called his daughter’s feelings ‘a phase’. But after she watched this programme, her father and mother ‘explained’ transsexualism to her and allowed her to ‘live as a boy’.

BBC bias

The BBC were criticised at the time for pushing a pro-trans agenda.

Deputy Director of The Christian Institute Simon Calvert said: “This is proof that BBC children’s programming is being used to get parents to go along with the transgender movement. The BBC is meant to be impartial on controversial issues but all pretence of impartiality has gone out of the window.

“Telling people they can change their biological sex is just a fallacy. People who genuinely struggle with gender dysphoria need compassion and patient help to come to terms with reality. Instead, the BBC thinks we should try to change reality.”

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