Kentucky Governor signs in new pro-life law

A new Bill requiring that mothers be given the facts about abortion has been passed in the US state of Kentucky.

The ‘informed consent’ Bill has been praised by pro-life groups who say it will stop abortionists circumventing an existing law.

Governor Matt Bevin signed the Bill, his first, into law last week and declared that it will help protect the “emotional and physical health and safety of women”.


The new law will force abortion providers to give mothers biological facts and medical information in person, or by video, at least a day before they have an abortion.

Currently, clinics have been skirting around a 1998 pro-life law by making mothers listen to a pre-recorded message over the phone.

Senator Julie Raque Adams, the lead sponsor of the Bill, said consultations in person are standard procedure and that “Kentucky women deserve no less”.


Betty Cockrum, a regional director of abortion giant Planned Parenthood, called the law “one more barrier and one more burden to what is the constitutional right of women”.

In November last year, a Kentucky-based pro-life couple hit the headlines after they held up signs urging women not to abort and offering to adopt their children.

Kevin and Nicole Cook stood outside an abortion clinic with two signs which read: “God loves you and your baby” and “Please don’t abort… We will adopt your baby. Come talk to us.”

In a subsequent blog, Kevin disclosed that: “Women continue to message us and we are looking at each one as an opportunity to save a life, either through personally adopting their child or through connecting them with an adoption agency locally.”

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