Journalist who threatened to behead Christians in Canberra walks free

A former journalist who threatened to behead Christians has walked free from court.

James Michael Waugh, 29, used social media to send threatening messages to church members in Canberra, Australia.

One message sent to a pastor read: “I want your address … I’m going to cut you down like the dog you are, pray to God about that”.


On Facebook, Waugh warned church members not to speak to him, and that he would assault them if they did.

His messages said: “Do not approach me in the street if you see me because I will attack you.”

He also wrote: “I have issued threats, along with my name and address, to every coward dog church in Canberra.”

Waugh was arrested in 2019 after he was reported to Australia’s National Security Hotline.


In the Magistrates Court he pleaded guilty to two counts of making threats to kill.

ABC reported that the court heard how Waugh had been undergoing psychiatric help.

He was given a suspended sentence.

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