Jordan Peterson: Gender ideology ‘height of absurdity’

Celebrated academic and author Jordan Peterson says the Bible has been vital in shaping culture and can help us find practical solutions for society’s problems.

In an interview with the Scottish Catholic Observer, he said: “The idea that in the last five years we’ve discovered what gender really is, is the height of absurdity.”

The Scottish Government has promised to embed LGBT topics throughout the school curriculum.

‘No cultural consent’

Professor Peterson said: “I think we are probably near the point where the state should get out of children’s sex education because there is no cultural consent as to what it should be, so I think that should devolve back to the family”.

“I do think that the fundamental consequence is that it’s going to confuse far more kids than it is going to help.”

The Christian Institute wrote to the Scottish Government last year expressing “significant concerns” about its endorsement of misleading guidance for schools in dealing with transgender pupils.

The document – ‘Supporting Transgender Young People: Guidance For Schools in Scotland’ – says teachers should not tell parents if their child ‘changed gender’ in school unless the child, who could be as young as four years old, gives permission.


Prof Peterson also points out the challenges faced by opposing voices, and has encouraged people to look to Scripture as a source of guidance.

“The problem with standing for something, say the utility of a traditional intact heterosexual family, is that it is easy for people to read that as standing against something else”, he said.

“So many people, who perhaps have nothing better to do now, have made it their business to obliterate anything that smacks of differentiation and consider it discrimination.”

Peterson concludes: “There is no way of understanding the culture, our history and who we are in any deep sense without understanding the biblical stories.”

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