Johns Hopkins pilloried over woke LGBTQ glossary

One of America’s top universities has pulled its online ‘inclusive’ language guide following a public outcry.

Updated in October 2022, the university’s “LGBTQ Glossary” has now been removed “pending review” after it was criticised for calling a woman “a non-man”.

It was recently revealed that the University of Arts London has adopted the use of woke ‘gender-neutral’ language in staff guidance, cancelling the word “woman” and “mother” in policies on menstruation and maternity leave.


Johns Hopkins’ glossary initially defined a lesbian as a woman “attracted to other women, or someone who identifies as part of the lesbian community”.

But shortly after publishing the resource, the university changed its terminology to: “A non-man attracted to non-men”.

It explained: “this updated definition includes non-binary people who may also identify with the label”.


Prominent lesbian campaigner Martina Navratilova branded the revision “pathetic” and another example of the “erasure of women”.

And JK Rowling commented: “Man: no definition needed. Non-man (formerly known as woman): a being definable only by reference to the male. An absence, a vacuum where there’s no man-ness.”

The list of terms in the “Diversity and Inclusion” guide also included ‘Ally’ – “a person who confronts heterosexism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia” – and ‘Heteronormativity’.

Heteronormativity: Processes through which social institutions and policies reinforce the notion that there are only two possibilities for sex, gender, and sexual attraction. Johns Hopkins University

Following the backlash, the university has removed the glossary, claiming that the definitions “were not reviewed or approved” by its own Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

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