Jennifer Saunders criticises sexualisation of pop music

Comedienne Jennifer Saunders says she does not like the sexualisation of pop music and is concerned about the effect of online pornography on boys.

The actress, who is married with grown up daughters, criticised the sexual content of music videos, saying: “I don’t think it helps society”.

Miss Saunders also commented that the proliferation of pornography on the internet is fuelling a wrong attitude towards women.


She told Stylist magazine, in response to a question on pop’s sexualisation: “I don’t like it. I find the whole R’n’B sexual videos stuff really annoying.”

And the mother of three also commented that online pornography was damaging young people.

She said: “I think they are having to re-educate boys on how to treat women in schools, because of the internet and the amount of porn they see. I think that’s a shame.”


Her comments come in the wake of remarks by Only Fools and Horses star David Jason, who hit out at the amount of sex and swearing children are exposed to on modern television.

In an interview for the Christmas Radio Times, he said he tries to protect his ten-year-old daughter from inappropriate TV content.

But he said that was impossible: “Take the adverts. I was watching SpongeBob, a favourite cartoon of ours, but suddenly a scent advert came on with this girl stripping off as she walks towards the camera.

“It’s done for mums but they forget a lot of girls are watching these powerful images.”


Last month a leading head teacher said the “liberal dogma of the past” has left us with the “moral abyss of the present”, as she hit out at the sexualisation of children.

Dr Helen Wright, President of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA), warned of “an avalanche of images and malign influences” which is overwhelming young people.

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