ITV show challenges BPAS over no-limits abortion campaign

An abortion boss’s support for a radical change in abortion law has been met with dismay on ITV’s Loose Women.

Ann Furedi told the show about her commitment to abortion after 24 weeks and sex-selective abortion.

But panellists Gloria Hunniford and Denise Van Outen challenged her, and social media users also expressed disagreement with Furedi’s comments.

Abortion as ‘back up’

Currently, it is legal in Great Britain to abort children up to 24 weeks, or up to birth if it is believed that the baby will be born with a disability.

But the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) wants the law to support abortion up to birth for any reason.

Speaking on the daytime television show, Furedi claimed women are using abortion as a “back up” to contraception, and criticised Northern Ireland’s current pro-life law.


But Gloria Hunniford said it was a “shocking message” to suggest that ‘getting rid’ of the baby could be a quick fix for an unwanted pregnancy.

Challenging the removal of the 24-week limit, Hunniford explained the situation of a family member who was born just after that time but is now thriving.

Denise Van Outen then challenged Furedi’s support for sex-selective abortion before the abortion boss said women should be allowed to make “moral, responsible choices”.

Promote adoption

Twitter users responding afterwards also rejected Furedi’s argument:

• “Using abortion as birth control, is mentally & physically damaging for a woman & morally wrong…”

• “What’s wrong with promoting adoption instead of abortion.”

• “I am 21+weeks and the amount I feel it move is Incredible being able to abort at 24 weeks is ludicrous it should be brought right down!”

Women want lower limit

In May, a poll found that an overwhelming majority of women want the abortion limit lowered.

The poll also revealed that 65 per cent of Britons say using taxpayer money on abortions abroad is wrong.

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