Irish doctors oppose new abortion laws

Doctors at three hospitals in the Republic of Ireland have said that they will not offer abortions when the law is changed.

In May, Ireland voted to repeal its strong pro-life laws. The change is planned for early 2019.

The current law pledges to “defend and vindicate” the equal right to life of the unborn and the mother, “as far as practicable”.


Irish politicians announced that all abortions would be taxpayer-funded the day after the referendum in favour of abortion.

But Dr Andrew O’Regan said: “No matter what your stance on abortion, you would surely expect the minister to consult with GPs on the ground before legislating”.

A survey of 3,500 members of the Irish College of GPs (ICGP) revealed that only 32 per cent of Irish doctors were willing to perform abortions.

68 per cent of doctors opposed.

Not forced

The ICGP also released a statement saying that no doctor should be forced to carry out abortions if they do not want to.

A spokesperson for the Ireland East Hospitals Group, said when the new abortion laws are introduced “all hospitals will comply with the law of the land”.

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