Intolerant liberal faction behind gay marriage push

The campaign to redefine marriage is being pushed by an “increasingly cavalier and triumphalist liberalism”, a gay commentator writing for the Irish Times has said.

Richard Waghorne, a freelance journalist, warned that switching the focus of marriage from children to adults would disadvantage “future generations”.

He objects to the way it is assumed that all gay people are in favour of gay marriage, and says that gay people have a variety of views.


Mr Waghorne, who is a homosexual, commented: “In considering gay marriage, it is essential to see treating different situations differently in no way constitutes discrimination.

“What is more fundamental here is the co-option of human rights language by an increasingly hegemonic strain of intolerant liberalism.

“Whereas the ‘right to marriage’ as pertaining to couples of the same sex is a recent invention, the right of a child to both a mother and a father where possible is not.”


Mr Waghorne’s comments come amidst calls for marriage to be redefined in Ireland and follow the nation’s introduction of same-sex civil partnerships last year.

He added: “It is agreed by most that civil partnerships mostly suffice in practical terms for same-sex couples.

“Altering the focus of marriage from children to relationships disadvantages future generations to no more necessary end than the further march of an increasingly cavalier and triumphalist liberalism.”


In Britain the Westminster Government is currently holding a three month consultation on its plans to redefine marriage.

However, nearly half a million people have already signed a petition in support of the traditional definition of marriage. It is being run by the Coalition for Marriage.

Earlier this week the head of the oldest Tory think-tank warned that Grassroots Conservatives have had enough of their party’s plans to rewrite the definition of marriage.


Ben Harris, Chairman of the Bow Group, said: “What we are seeing here is genuine fatigue among a party rank and file, disappointed both at the suggested policy itself, and the reasons behind it.

“The UK already has a system of ‘civil partnership’ for homosexuals which carries the same legal status as marriage before the state.”

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