‘Intolerant’ campaign against Tory MP over gay marriage

Tory MP, David Burrowes, is facing an ‘intolerant’ campaign against him because of his opposition to homosexual marriage.

The campaign is led by the treasurer of his local Conservative association, Phillip Dawson, who is homosexual.

But the campaign puts Mr Dawson out of step with the Prime Minister who is expected to allow MPs to have a free vote on the issue.


Mr Dawson says it is not acceptable for David Burrowes to vote against same-sex marriage and lead MPs in an effort to retain traditional marriage.

Mr Dawson has launched his campaign on Facebook and Twitter. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Dawson needs the support of only 50 local constituency members to trigger an emergency meeting about Mr Burrowes’ future. Mr Dawson confirmed to the Daily Mail that this is an option.

Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce says Mr Dawson “may find he is the one accused of intolerance. Cameron is almost certain to give MPs a free vote on gay marriage.”

Mr Dawson has since absolutely denied seeking Mr Burrowes’ deselection.

No need

David Burrowes is the Tory MP for Enfield, Southgate and head of the Conservative Christian Fellowship. “I do not see the need for legislation to recognise gay marriage,” he says. “I will vote against it. But it does not at all follow that I am anti-gay and homophobic.”

He is the latest in a number of public figures that have recently faced intolerance because of their support for traditional marriage.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, received racist hate mail following his comments that marriage is between one man and one woman. Police are investigating the incidents.

Lynch mob

In Scotland, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, Gordon Wilson, was ousted from the board of a local Citizens Advice Bureau for his stance on the issue.

Soon after his exclusion Mr Wilson said: “I knew from the start that it was like a lynch mob, and whatever I said, it was obvious that they were intent on my removal”.


Members of the public have also been punished for their views on traditional marriage. Last week judges rejected an appeal by the Christian owners of a B&B who were fined for restricting double rooms to married couples.

Last year, housing manager Adrian Smith was demoted and had his salary slashed by 40 per cent for privately expressing his opinion that allowing homosexual civil partnerships in churches was “an equality too far”.