‘Illiberal modern values trying to bury religious views’

‘Enlightened’ people are trying to silence those who support the unborn or who believe marriage is between one man and one woman, a columnist has cautioned.

Kevin McKenna made the comments as he warned of an “illiberal and feral anti-religious movement” in Scotland “which wants to criminalise faith”.

The columnist said some people seek to silence those with traditional views on marriage and abortion by labelling them “homophobic” and “extremist”.

‘State-sponsored faith’

Writing in The Herald, McKenna warned that such a climate permits only a “state-sponsored” faith which embraces certain aspects but “rejects anything considered a bit too demanding”.

He said that the country “strives to be the world’s most enlightened and inclusive” but is witnessing an attempt to “shut down all debate on those issues which Scotland’s social Sanhedrin considers sacrosanct and beyond dispute”.

“Thus, if you sincerely believe that a human life in the womb is deserving of as much protection as any other human life you are considered an extremist and obviously (if you are male) a sexist who is guilty of crimes against feminism.”


He continued by warning that if you believe in marriage between one man and one woman, “then there are people in Scotland who would wish to have you jailed for homophobic hate crime”.

But McKenna said it was a ‘pernicious falsehood’ to say that being pro-life is anti-women and that opposition to same-sex marriage is “homophobic”.

Earlier this year, MSPs were told that school children had been being verbally attacked for believing in traditional marriage and upholding the life of the unborn.

‘Not a real woman’

Numerous accounts – including one girl being told she ‘wasn’t a real woman’ because she did not support abortion – were revealed by the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Another student was told she was a “disgrace” for “promoting this kind of hate” when she said she supported marriage between a man and a woman.

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