‘I left the office in tears’, says mum who was advised to abort her baby

A US mother has shared the remarkable story of how her daughter is now prospering, despite doctors’ certainty that she would die before birth.

Medics initially advised Johanna Morton to get an abortion and told her: “Your baby won’t survive. You will miscarry.”

“I left the office in tears and heartbroken”, Johanna said.

Doctors’ advice

We never gave it a second thought.
Johanna Morton

Doctors told the twelve weeks pregnant Johanna that her baby had serious heart defects.

“With each new appointment seemed to come another diagnosis, another heartbreak and a waterfall of tears”, she said.

“I was told, ‘She’s going to be stillborn. Save yourself the pain,’ and ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if you come back next week, and have her stillborn.’ There was little to no hope for my baby.”

‘Fighting chance’

Despite doctors’ advice, Johanna says she and her husband never considered getting an abortion.

“We never gave it a second thought. We knew our daughter had a fighting chance.”

Her daughter Clara Ray has defied expectations and was born via caesarean section on 14 June 2016.

Choose life

Her mum said: “Doctors are shocked to see her come this far. She has defeated so many odds against her!”

In November, another American mother shared how she rejected abortion and chose life for her son Walter, after he was diagnosed with a heart defect.

Frances Klimas said: “After hearing our son’s diagnosis, we were determined to give him life. But our doctors encouraged us to choose abortion from the very beginning.”

Doing well

She wrote about their experience in an online blog and shared how doctors advised that their son “may not survive birth—and if he did, he would have a tragic life”.

Frances added that abortion was brought up in conversations with medical professionals several times. “Our already-named son was referred to as only ‘the fetus’,” she said.

Walter was born on 1 October 2014, with a critical heart congenital disease, a birth defect which affects the normal workings of the heart.

Despite doctors’ expectations, Walter is now two years old and doing well.

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