‘I fear for my little girl in an increasingly pro-trans society’

A mother has said she is scared for her little girl’s future in a society where pressure to endorse transsexualism is on the rise.

In a letter published in The Guardian, the mum described her fear that because her little girl dislikes “girls’ stuff”, she will be vulnerable to the trans lobby telling her she is trapped in the wrong body.

Describing her daughter’s behaviour as a phase, similar to one she went through as a child, she said she began to get worried as she read around the subject of ‘gender’.

Getting scared

Her letter was featured on The Guardian’s ‘A letter to…’ page – an anonymous platform for ‘the letter you’ve always wanted to write’.

The mother said that in recent years she had become scared for her daughter’s future:

“You see, it’s now controversial for me to say that, contrary to your opinion, I know you’re not a boy.”

She expressed concern at the increasingly mainstream lobby which advocates that which is “biologically impossible”, changing sex.


The mother divulged that she fears her daughter will become a teenager who “feels she doesn’t fit in her own body”.

Citing her work as a teacher, she said: “I see this with teenagers every day, manifesting in anorexia and self-harm”.

Adding, “we recognise that this view of the body is pathological, although apparently as far as their ‘gender identity’ is concerned the opinion of teenagers is all-powerful”.


“So what if you become convinced that your particular body is ‘wrong'”, she continued.

“Soon, from the vulnerable age of 16, you will be able to start down a road with serious drugs that will alter you for ever, drugs that will make you infertile, surgery that will cause side-effects for the rest of your life.

“And various ‘liberal’ parts of society will call me an abusive parent for disagreeing with all of this.”


The mother concluded: “I look at you: your perfect body. I can’t bear the idea that someone may try to convince you that you’re in the wrong one because you like dinosaurs and pirates, and hitting things with sticks.

“I hug you and whisper to you as I have done since you were born five years ago: ‘You are my perfect girl.’ My girl. Nothing can change that.”

The letter comes after a spate of incidents involving the promotion of transsexualism in the UK.

Trans agenda

Last week, Brighton and Hove City Council told parents that their children should select the sex they most identify with before starting school.

The week before, a doctor at England’s only gender identity clinic for under-18s said we should facilitate the “social revolution” of transsexualism and then just wait to see how it turns out.

And major teachers’ union the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) has said it will lobby for the promotion of transsexualism in single-sex schools.

Stop lying

The Christian Institute’s Deputy Director for Public Affairs, Simon Calvert, has previously stressed that people should not be forced to “lie about other people’s gender”.

He said it is cruel to make people who feel trapped in the wrong body “believe that surgery, or ‘non-gendering’ of official records, will solve all their problems”.

“It won’t. This is borne out by the tragically high suicide rate for people who have had a sex-change operation.”

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