Hungary’s family focus reaps dividends

Marriages and families are flourishing in Hungary thanks to government support and pro-family laws.

Because of the Hungarian Government’s focus on the family, the number of marriages is up, divorces are down, and the number of abortions is also down.

The figures were presented at a Roman Catholic conference on the topic of “Human Life, the Family, and the Splendour of Truth: Gifts of God.”

Divorces, abortions down

Since 2010, the number of live births has increased by 1,265, and the number of abortions has fallen by more than a third from 40,449 to 28,500.

The number of marriages has increased from under 36,000 to more than 50,000, while the number of divorces has dropped from nearly 24,000 to under 19,000.

Katalin Novàk, Hungarian Minister of State for the Family, Youth and International Affairs, outlined the country’s policy.

She said that Hungary’s constitution “attaches special importance to the family, protects the institution of marriage, and states that the foundation of family lies in marriage and in parent-child relationships”.


The country therefore prioritises giving parents the flexibility to enjoy a good work-life balance and to “harmonise their career and child raising” as much as possible.

Novàk explained that parents and parents-to-be “need to have long-term stability”, and to be in a “reliable financial situation”.

New parents may be offered a one-off maternity payment, and up to three years paid childcare leave, along with other financial support.

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