Hundreds of thousands rally against gay ‘marriage’ in Italy

A demonstration opposing same-sex civil partnerships in Italy attracted hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday.

An estimated 300,000 protestors gathered in Rome’s San Giovanni square and nearby streets to show their concern about the teaching of ‘gender theories’ in schools, and a Bill to legalise ‘civil unions’.

Despite widespread opposition, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is trying to push through the plans, which would also allow those in a same-sex partnership to adopt one another’s biological children.

Central role

But the Bill is currently stuck at Senate committee stage, and has 4,320 proposed amendments.

Those attending the demonstration in Rome included parents with toddlers, and both elderly and young people, with banners displayed saying “Let’s defend our children”.

Massimo Gandolfini, spokesman for the “Defend our children!” committee, said: “We are asking for families based on marriage be respected, and stressing the central role parents play.

Destroy sexual identities

“We forcefully reject the attempt to sneak into the curriculum projects which aim to destroy children’s sexual identities”.

Elsewhere, politicians in Austria have voted against a motion to legalise gay marriage.

Out of 136 representatives, 110 voted against and just 26 voted in favour of the proposal.