Human rights group: ‘Media ignoring genocide levels of Christian persecution’

Worldwide religious persecution is “mostly a hidden crisis” that must no longer be ignored by the media, a US-based human rights group has said.

International Christian Concern’s report spotlights ten of the most oppressive countries to live in as a Christian, including Nigeria, North Korea and China.

The non-denominational charity wants Government officials and the media to use the report to raise awareness of Christian persecution across the world, and to encourage churches to pray.


The group’s President, Jeff King, said “there are an estimated 200 to 300 million Christians who suffer persecution worldwide. I’ve served this targeted group for more than two decades and still wonder why there is no widespread outcry or outrage on their behalf”.

“Our brothers and sisters are murdered, imprisoned, or tortured the world over, simply for identifying as a follower of Jesus”.

The report described Nigeria as “arguably the most dangerous place to be a Christian in the world today”, where a “genocide of Christians in the North and Middle Belt” has been taking place for 20 years.

‘God has won’

The charity estimates that in North Korea there are around 400,000 Christians who secretly live out their faith.

Earlier this year, the US Department of State revealed that a two-year-old child was sent to prison with their parents in 2009, after North Korean officials found a Bible in their home.

Illyong Ju, who escaped to South Korea, told International Christian Concern: “Our brave brothers and sisters, fellow believers in North Korea, are preaching the gospel. Even this moment. They are multiplying disciples. They worship on the mountains, hills, and underground.”

“I want to say to the people who are being persecuted, please don’t lose your hope. We are fighting for you, and our God is fighting for you—and we win. God has already won. So please don’t lose hope, and please stay firm.”


In September, the UK’s Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) encouraged parliamentarians to imagine a future in which religion and belief is allowed to flourish.

Christian MP Fiona Bruce, appointed to the role in 2020, told colleagues that “it has never been more important to champion FoRB because it has never been more at risk”.

Christian persecution has grown dramatically over the past 30 years according to charity Open Doors, with levels “very high to extreme” in 76 countries.

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