‘Horrifying charity’ BPAS still backs sex-selective abortion

Britain’s biggest abortion group has been heavily criticised after a senior manager failed to denounce abortion on the grounds of a baby’s sex.

Patricia Lohr, Medical Director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), repeatedly dodged questions on her chief executive Ann Furedi’s position on sex-selective abortion.

Lohr was giving evidence to an Irish committee considering how Irish abortion law should be liberalised.

‘Horrifying charity’

Lohr was pressed by Irish politician Peter Fitzpatrick on whether she agreed with Furedi’s comments.

She responded: “I absolutely agree with the view that it is for the woman to decide when and whether she is ready to parent.”

Fitzpatrick then hit out at abortion giant BPAS, describing it as “a horrifying charity, where its CEO is encouraging gender selection”.

He added that most people would be similarly horrified at another proposal by Furedi to allow abortion after 24 weeks.


Lohr was also rattled by questioning from Senator Ronan Mullen, who asked her how many abortions she had personally been involved in.

She admitted: “I don’t think I can give you a number. Hundreds, thousands, maybe – I don’t keep track.”

Ann Furedi’s support for sex-selective abortion shocked panellists when she appeared on ITV’s Loose Women earlier this year.

Panellists Gloria Hunniford and Denise Van Outen challenged her in person, while Twitter users rejected Furedi’s arguments:


“Using abortion as birth control, is mentally & physically damaging for a woman & morally wrong…”

“What’s wrong with promoting adoption instead of abortion.”

“I am 21+weeks and the amount I feel it move is Incredible being able to abort at 24 weeks is ludicrous it should be brought right down!”

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