Homosexual flag hoisted over Oxford University college

A 17th century Oxford University college has flown the homosexual rainbow flag over one of its buildings, reportedly becoming the first Oxford college to do so.

Wadham College, which was founded in 1610, hoisted the flag as it marked “Queerweek” – a collection of talks, discussions and social events.

The move was supported by the college Dean and the Governing Body.


Michael Brooks, a Philosophy and German undergraduate who organised Queerweek, said flying the flag had a “huge effect on Oxford”.

Earlier this month Liverpool City Council announced it was to carry a homosexual rainbow emblem on some of its street signs.

The move came despite other councils banning Christian symbols.


Liverpool City councillor Nick Small said the signs show that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual scene “is a very important part of our city life”.

The city’s enthusiasm to promote the emblem stands in contrast to other local councils that have banned Christian symbols from public display.

Camden Council in North London told a church group that it could not advertise an event on religion and climate change unless it removed words like ‘Christian’ and ‘God’ from the text.


Staff at Salisbury Council were told not to use the phrase “singing from the same hymn sheet” when talking to people because the religious reference might offend atheists.

A Sunday School teacher was told she could not advertise a church children’s event at her local library in Brighton because it ‘promotes religion’.

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