Hollywood actress: Marriage deepens romance

British film star Emily Blunt has praised marriage and motherhood, saying wedlock deepens romance.

Blunt married fellow actor John Krasinski in 2010 and says they are having a great time.

Their first daughter was born in February and Blunt told a magazine that she found new strength after becoming a mum.


Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she explained: “I’m with someone who makes me incredibly happy. I’m not one of those people who subscribes to the idea that marriage takes the romance out of things.

“I think it gets better, it deepens. I love being a wife.”

She also said the couple try not to be apart for more than two weeks at a time – despite their acting work taking them around the world.


“It just becomes a sort of rule that you try and keep”, she commented.

“Not even something you have to endure, something you want to do. Even if you see each other for 24 hours, I think it’s important.

“It’s everything, really, time together. It’s not a nice thing to get good at being on your own.”


Speaking about life since her daughter’s birth earlier this year, Blunt said: “I think when you become a mother, you inherit a strength you’re not even aware of.

“I know it’s something John’s mentioned to me. He thinks I’m so much stronger now.”

Actor Jeff Bridges has also praised marriage, saying his marriage of over 30 years to the same woman gets better the longer it goes on.


Speaking to the Daily Telegraph in 2010 about his relationship with Susan Geston, Bridges said being a good listener during arguments is key.

“We’ll pull up a couple of chairs, facing each other”, the actor explained, “And she would tell me her side; and my task would be just to listen and receive what she’s saying.

“And then she does the same thing for me. And that might scratch the edge, or it might not. And we might walk away in a huff, so we’ll come back and do it again. It’s just a little technique.”

In 2012 a documentary about Sir Winston Churchill revealed that marriage was the “rock” upon which the WW2 leader’s life was built.