‘Heartbeat Bill’ signed by Iowa Governor

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has pledged to do everything in her power to protect life, after signing a new Bill that has been praised by pro-lifers.

The Bill bans most abortions from taking place after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected – from about six weeks into pregnancy.

Afterwards, Governor Reynolds said: “We know that our work is not done, that we must continue to work together to change the hearts and minds”.

‘Step forward’

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union have filed a joint lawsuit challenging the law.

But pro-life leader Lila Rose, who is president and founder of Live Action, celebrated the Governor’s move via Twitter.

‘Protect innocent life’

The Bill includes exceptions for when the mother’s life is at risk, but also cases of severely life-limiting disabilities, rape or incest.

Governor Reynolds says she has received “very positive feedback” since signing the Bill, and described the pro-life cause as “a fight worth fighting”.

“We’re not slowing down, we’re not going to stop”.

Responding to the lawsuit, Brenna Smith, press secretary for the Iowa governor’s office, said: “We knew there would be a legal fight, but it’s worth having to protect innocent life”.


Last year, a pro-life Bill to ban abortions from taking place after 20 weeks of pregnancy was passed in Kentucky.

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed the Bill, along with a separate measure that requires pregnant women to be given an ultrasound and receive a description of their unborn baby before going through with an abortion.

Governor Bevin, an evangelical Christian, said afterwards: “I personally believe that it’s inappropriate to kill human beings that are innocent. And it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario when someone could tell me that killing innocent human beings is a good thing.”

In the UK, the current law allows abortions to be carried out until 24 weeks of pregnancy, or until birth if the child will suffer from a severe disability.

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