Healthy baby aborted after misdiagnosis

A baby has been aborted under Ireland’s new abortion law after being incorrectly diagnosed with a severely life-limiting condition.

Doctors told the parents that their baby had Edwards syndrome – a condition resulting in heart defects and mental impairment.

After the abortion, the final test results came back showing their 15-week-old baby to be healthy.

‘A rapid result’

Maternity specialist Professor Fergal Malone told Irish broadcaster RTE that pre-natal testing can be “quite complex to interpret”, and there can be different readings between tests.

He explained two different samples are sent for testing, “one for a rapid result which comes back within 48 hours and the other which can take up to two weeks.”

But he added, “some patients are not prepared to wait”.


Vicky Wall, from pro-life group Every Life Counts, said: “We warned that abortion would become an expectation where a severe or life-limiting condition was suspected and now this family’s baby has been aborted.

“Nothing will bring that baby back, it’s just so devastating.”

Ellis Mulroy from Pro-Life Campaign Ireland said: “This is a tragic case for the baby and his or her parents.”

“No test is perfect. Sometimes doctors get it wrong. In this case, it resulted in a catastrophe for the child. But let’s not forget that this issue is not about whether the child has a disability or life-threatening condition. Every child deserves life.”

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