The harms of the transsexual agenda: The Times

The pro-transsexual push to allow young boys and girls to medically ‘transition’ has “all the hallmarks of a scandal in the making”, says The Times.

An editorial said in the attempt to be understanding and avoid offence, businesses, schools and even governments are swallowing and now sanctioning confusion.

In a related article a child clinician spoke out about the difficulties transsexualism poses to her field and said she expects ‘detransitioning’ to soon become common.


The editorial highlighted that the transgender movement wants to advance its agenda while shutting down debate.

It said the transgender lobby “claims that anyone identifying as a woman is a woman by the very fact of that affirmation and that, furthermore, everyone has to take that claim on trust.

“A person who is, in biological terms, quite clearly male can self-identify as female and must be taken seriously on that basis, all the way up to and including being allowed into the women’s changing rooms.”


Columnist Janice Turner echoed the editorial’s views, saying: “I’ve been shocked at how the trans lobby, abetted by a cowed LGBT movement and deluded politicians, are prepared to sacrifice the wellbeing of children”.

She also noted how the “craze to expedite gender transition in children goes against all clinical advice for ‘watchful waiting’”.

One child psychologist, speaking to Turner anonymously, said that young people arrive at a clinic utterly certain that they are transgender, and are frustrated when they are told they must have counselling.

She went on to say that these days the only way of challenging a child’s notion that they are born in the wrong body is “by stealth”.

Social Media

She believes children are encouraged by peers and strangers alike on social media, who affirm each other’s confusion and celebrate when they begin hormone treatments.

The psychologist was also asked if hormone treatments, sex-change surgery and breast-binding (the act of a girl tightly strapping her chest with bandages to prevent breast growth) could be considered progress.

She replied, “I hope I am wrong, for the sake of all these young people. But all my instincts as a clinician say not. I’m thinking of opening a practice in a new field: detransition.

“I foresee a gap in the market.”

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