Hard-hitting video shows true cost of cannabis in Colorado

A feature-length documentary shows the hidden costs of cannabis legalisation in Colorado, one of the first US states to allow recreational use of the drug.

‘Chronic State’, an hour-long video by anti-drugs group DrugFree Idaho, includes shocking footage of toddlers smoking the drug, and warns that it has become increasingly potent and prevalent since the law was changed.

The video includes testimonies from health experts and others, and debunks common myths peddled by campaigners.

‘A cautionary tale’

Kathy Gyngell, Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman, said the documentary “about the out-of-control marijuana monster in Colorado needs to be shared as widely as possible. Every parent, child and politician should see it”.

“The stark reality is that taxation does not begin to pay for the damage that normalisation of this drug costs and it is children, the poor and ethnic minorities who are most damaged or cast on the wasteheap of life.

“The failed state of post-pot legalisation Colorado is indeed a cautionary tale. In the course of this one-hour film, every legalising argument is shattered in face of the living reality. The lesson? Don’t ever fall for the siren call of the legalisers.”

UK change

In the UK, the Government has announced that medicines made from cannabis will soon be more widely available.

In July, Home Secretary Sajid Javid said that specialist doctors will be permitted to prescribe cannabis-derived medical products. The change should take place by autumn. Recreational use of cannabis will remain illegal.

Campaigners in other countries have used the idea of ‘medical cannabis’ as a Trojan Horse to open the door to recreational use of the drug.

Deputy Director of The Christian Institute, Ciarán Kelly, has said cannabis in its raw form must remain strictly controlled: “Cannabis should never be prescribed in its raw form. It is proven to cause serious mental health issues, physical health problems and act as a gateway to other drugs.”

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