Gwent police train 14 new ‘LGBT liaison officers’

Police in Gwent have trained 14 officers and staff to be ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender’ liaison officers – despite facing budget cuts.

The officers’ role will involve promoting the homosexual agenda to other officers and aims to encourage the reporting of ‘hate’ incidents.

Earlier this year a Christian was arrested for discussing the Bible with an LGBT liaison officer in Cumbria, England.


The Gwent force has promised that even more LGBT liaison officers will be trained in six months time, even though police in England and Wales face funding cuts of 4 per cent.

The police say it is estimated that one in 12 of the Gwent public is LGBT. But official figures show that only one in 100 of the British population is homosexual, one in 200 is bisexual.

NHS figures estimate that one in 4,000 people are receiving help for ‘gender dysphoria’.


Assistant Chief Constable Simon Prince said: “It is estimated that one in 12 people in Gwent classes him or herself as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender which is a significant number of people in our force area.

“Not only do we want to provide the best service to the greatest number, what matters is being able to represent and give the best possible support to each and every member of the community.”

Earlier in the year a report by the Civitas think-tank warned that Christians in Britain were being unfairly targeted for hate crime prosecutions.


The report, entitled A New Inquisition: Religious Persecution in Britain Today, also warned that existing hate crime legislation posed a danger to freedom of speech.

Jon Gower Davies, the report’s author, said: “Some police forces and the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] seem to be interpreting statutes in favour of ethnic and religious minorities and in a spirit hostile to members of the majority population, defined as ‘White’ or ‘Christian’.”

In September the Office for National Statistics released a study showing that there were far fewer homosexuals and bisexuals than previously claimed.

One per cent

The Integrated Household Survey, which analysed the responses of almost 450,000 adults, showed that just one per cent of the UK’s population are homosexuals, and just 0.5 per cent are bisexuals.

These numbers were far lower than the figures which the Government has previously used to calculate how much public money should be used to advance pro-homosexual policies, prompting concern about the proper use of taxpayers’ money.

Researchers have previously claimed that between six and ten per cent of the population have had homosexual experiences.


In April Christian street preacher Dale Mcalpine was arrested after he described homosexual conduct as a sin during a conversation with a police community support officer, who was also an LGBT liaison officer.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to drop the case after reviewing the evidence.

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