Guardian blogger defends polygamy and attacks C4M

A blogger on the Guardian’s website has denied there is anything wrong with polygamy as he attacked a new group which supports marriage between one man and one woman.

Martin Robbins claimed there are some “economic advantages” for children having three parents in his post that hit out at Coalition for Marriage (C4M).

He was referring to a warning on that: “If marriage is redefined once, what is to stop it being redefined to allow polygamy?”


Supporters of traditional marriage point to countries around the world where changing the definition of marriage to allow for same-sex marriage has led to pushes for further redefinitions.

Writing on, Mr Robbins commented: “What’s wrong with polygamy? It seems to be that a child brought up by three loving parents would have some quite big economic advantages, and humans have cooperated in child-rearing since the year dot.”

In Holland, where same-sex marriage was introduced in 2001, three-way relationships were given legal recognition through a “cohabitation agreement” in 2005.


In British Columbia, Canada, there are major attempts to legalise polygamy through the courts using the precedent of homosexual marriage.

A study this year showed that societies where monogamy is the norm are safer than polygamous ones.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that polygamous cultures have higher levels of robbery, rape, kidnapping, fraud and murder.

Professor Joseph Henrich, one of the report’s authors, warned that the crimes were primarily driven by pools of unmarried men, a result of some men taking multiple wives.