Green Party accused of gender-critical ‘witch hunt’

The Green Party’s LGBT activist group has branded party members who affirm the reality of biological sex as “transphobic” in a newly revealed document.

‘Guidance to Identify Queerphobia’, published in July, claims to provide examples of “bigotry, prejudice, or discrimination experienced by LGBTIQA+ people”. It scorns referring to gender-confused people as “biological” men or women and knowingly affirming their biological sex and name.

Writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, women’s rights campaigner Maya Forstater said: “The Green’s witch hunters guide is evidence of unlawful discrimination.”


The guidance claims “reading to children and wearing drag” should not be “considered sexual”, while children cannot be “too young” to “be aware of their own identity”.

informing a parent of their child’s social transition is ‘transphobia’ LGBTIQA+ Greens

It accused people of ‘queerphobia’ or ‘transphobia’ for informing a parent of their child’s social transition, advocating the withdrawal of “transition-related” medical intervention for young people and warning against “LGBTIQA+ education”.

In the guidance’s list of other resources, it references LGBT lobby group Stonewall’s “list of LGBTQ+ terms”.

Legal action

In August, The Green Party was accused of discriminating against its members who hold gender-critical beliefs.

Dr Shahrar Ali, backed by two other campaigners, is suing the Greens after the party dismissed him for defending women’s sex-based rights.

Dr Ali claims he was sacked as the Party’s Policing and Domestic Safety spokesman following complaints by activists over his criticism of radical gender ideology.

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