Govt urged to tackle ‘extreme trans rights activism’ by SNP MP

Urgent action is needed to tackle the public menace of radical pro-trans activism, the Government has been told.

During a parliamentary debate on violence against women and girls, the SNP’s Joanna Cherry MP KC called on the Government to clamp down on transgender extremism.

Earlier this month, Sex Matters presented Rishi Sunak with a letter signed by over 14,000 people, pressing him “to halt an escalating campaign of violence and intimidation against women in the name of ‘trans rights’”.

Serious matter

Referring to the letter, Cherry asked Justice Minister Laura Farris if she would denounce the “violence and intimidation” suffered by those women who call for sex-based rights.

She also asked the Minister if she would “urge the Prime Minister to do so as well” and commit to commissioning “a rapid review of the impact of extreme trans rights activism on women’s rights”.

Farris responded: “I certainly condemn the conduct that she has described”.

The Minister said the Government viewed the matter very seriously and offered to meet with Cherry to discuss “any next steps”.


Last week, a University of Edinburgh screening of a documentary upholding the reality of biological sex went ahead despite repeated intimidation from trans activists.

‘Adult Human Female’, made by filmmakers Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne, was originally due to be shown last December, but the university cancelled the screening over safety concerns when students blocked attendees from accessing the hall or an alternative venue.

Over 100 trans activists reportedly protested at the event, with men shouting abuse at attendees and holding banners displaying the acronym “TERF”.

‘Trans-exclusionary radical feminists’ is used as a slur for women who say it is not possible for men to become female.

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