‘Govt needs to ditch LGBT ideology’

Public institutions have been “infiltrated by a warped ideology” that allows a tiny minority to dictate social policy, a columnist has said.

Allison Pearson, writing for The Daily Telegraph, said that the Government, the NHS and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are being manipulated by lobby groups and should resist further change.

She particularly noted the NHS’s recent announcement that it will ask people their ‘sexual orientation’ at every face-to-face meeting, where relevant, from 2019, and that there are plans to introduce similar questioning about people’s ‘gender identity’.


Pearson said that the NHS’s reasoning behind introducing the non-compulsory question – that it would ensure no patient is discriminated against – was flawed.

She said, “if a doctor doesn’t know our sexual orientation, how can they possibly discriminate against us? By giving the authorities that information, doesn’t it make it much easier to discriminate – or am I missing something?”

Speaking of transsexualism, she noted that “a huge amount of social policy is being driven through” to cater for a group of people who “make up only the teeniest sliver of our population”.


She expressed her dismay at the Conservatives’ position on LGBT issues, saying they “are at the forefront” of the recent push, with Education Secretary Justine Greening proposing to make it easier for adults to change their birth certificates at will.

Pearson said: “It’s clear that spineless politicians, pathetically eager to be on-trend, are being manipulated by lobby groups such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Foundation, a ‘charity’ reportedly behind the new NHS policy”.

“The LGBT Foundation receives annual grants of £500,000 from local councils and £234,800 from the Department of Health to pay for such vital services as ‘fetish workshops’ and a ‘trans changing room’ with ‘free make-up’ during the Manchester Pride festival.”

‘Warped ideology’

She concluded: “Organisations that should know better have allowed themselves to be infiltrated by a warped ideology that dares to call the fundamental truths of biological science lies.

“So terrified are people in power of accusations of ‘transphobia’ that they increasingly allow a tiny minority to dictate to the majority.”

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