Govt ignoring people on same-sex marriage, say church

The Scottish Government’s decision to press ahead with redefining marriage goes against its own consultation and the plans should be dropped, the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) has said.

The Church warned that a redefinition of marriage would put Christians and others “in a difficult position”.

It also said the Church would continue to oppose the plans.


The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) said: “The Government’s decision goes against the will of the majority who contributed to its consultation”.

It added that if same-sex marriage is introduced in Scotland then “ordinary Christians”, as well as others, would suffer.

And the Church concluded that the marriage plans should be “abandoned”.


In the Scottish Government’s consultation on redefining marriage, two thirds of the 80,000 responses were opposed to the move.

And the far-reaching impact of the plan to redefine marriage has been laid bare by a leading human rights lawyer.

Teachers, chaplains, Christians who want to foster, and church groups could all be penalised, according to a legal opinion by Aidan O’Neill QC.