Govt blasted by RC Church over home abortion U-turn

The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has hit out at the Government for its decision to allow women to have abortions at home.

Despite Health Secretary Matt Hancock telling Parliament last week that there were no plans to change the law, the Department of Health and Social Care later released a statement which said home abortions would be permitted up to ten weeks following a telephone conversation or e-consultation with a doctor.

The measure will remain in place for up to two years, or until the COVID-19 crisis has ended.

‘Physical and psychological dangers’

John Sherrington said he and other Roman Catholic Bishops were “shocked” to hear that telemedicine and early DIY abortion at home will be allowed “without any medical supervision present”.

He added: “These measures fundamentally change access to abortion in England and Wales for the foreseeable future.

“Whilst these are emergency times, these measures further endanger women who, for example, are rushed into decisions by abusive partners and act without any proper consultation.

“These measures fundamentally change access to abortion in England and Wales for the foreseeable future”

“They diminish the seriousness with which these decisions should be taken and the physical and psychological dangers of the administration of these drugs at home.”


The bishops said the measures should be “rescinded as soon as possible”, adding to the calls from a number of pro-life organisations.

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children said it was considering taking legal action against the Government.

Deputy CEO John Deighan said: “The evidence that abortion pills raise the level of complications for women is clear.

“Our health service does not need the pressure of dealing with emergencies arising from women self-aborting at home.”

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