Government seeks next gay policy ideas

The Government will launch a consultation of LGBT people in the autumn, asking them for the next policy idea after redefining marriage.

One activist has responded, calling for the subjugation of religious beliefs that disagree with homosexuality.

Equalities Minister, Maria Miller, said: “this autumn, we are starting our LGB&T Call for Evidence, a consultation on what the next steps need to be.”


She asked the readers of the gay news website, Pink News, to “tell me what they think are the biggest issues still facing LGB&T people in this country and where government needs to prioritise action”.

Pink News then published an article by Adrian Tippetts which said: “We could easily make a shopping list of improvements, but first of all, an attitude change is needed.

“The first step is to acknowledge that human rights come before beliefs,” he said, adding: “If you did that, no consultation would be needed.”


The Government is pushing the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill through Parliament, despite widespread opposition.

Under the Bill, all married men will be able to be legally called ‘wives’ and all married woman called ‘husbands’.

Critics said the redefinition was “ridiculous” and a “mangling of the English language” which belongs to “cloud cuckoo land”.


Last month the Government said fidelity is “not required” in marriage.

Baroness Stowell, the Government’s Equalities spokeswoman in the Lords, was put on the spot during a debate about the controversial same-sex marriage Bill.

Lady Butler-Sloss, formerly the country’s top family law judge, asked the Government why there was no provision for adultery or consummation proposed for same-sex marriage.


Lady Stowell – who used to be Head of Corporate Affairs at the BBC – replied for the Government: “In terms of the law, marriage does not require the fidelity of couples.

“It is open to each couple to decide for themselves on the importance of fidelity within their own relationship.”

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