Golden Compass sequels in doubt

Atheist author, Phillip Pullman, says Christian opposition to The Golden Compass film hit audience numbers and may have damaged plans for two sequels.

The film is an adaptation of the first book in an anti-Christian trilogy called His Dark Materials written by Mr Pullman.

He is on record as saying his books, which are aimed at children, are about undermining Christianity and “killing God”.

Although many of the more explicitly anti-Christian themes of the first novel were toned down for the film version, Director Chris Weitz said that these would emerge more clearly in later films.

The Golden Compass was released in cinemas last Christmas and starred Nicole Kidman. It was expected to be the first of three adaptations.

The Christian Institute and other groups informed Christians about the content of the novels before the film was released. Similar warnings were issued by groups in America.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Pullman said of the Christian response: “I’ve no doubt it did influence a number of people not to go to see it.”

Mr Pullman admitted that he is unsure whether the planned sequels will now go ahead.

“People are talking about it. I think there might be a script. People are very busy. When there’s a development I will hear about it,” he said.