GMC ‘ignores biology’ by erasing women from female health policies

The General Medical Council (GMC) has been accused of denying the “existence of women” after removing feminine words from its maternity and menopause policies.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the regulator for UK doctors updated its maternity guidance in May, where it ditched the term “surrogate mother” in favour of “surrogate parent”.

Now the policy “applies to all staff members who are pregnant”, including if “you are the surrogate parent”.

‘Woke ideology’

The GMC also defines menopause as “a natural event in some colleagues’ lives”, which will take place for “a person” in the UK at the average age of 51.

It’s not appropriate for a medical organisation to ignore biology.

A female employee warned: “It’s a concerted effort to ignore the existence of women.”

“It’s not appropriate for a medical organisation to ignore biology. They should stick to science. People are worried about putting their heads above the parapet” and are having “the organisation’s ‘woke’ ideology forced on them, it’s not right”.


Dr Helen Joyce, Director of Advocacy for campaign group Sex Matters, said: “Has the GMC not seen the growing body of evidence that sex-based language is crucial in maternity healthcare? And did it not notice that 1,400 clinicians wrote to the NHS earlier this year, demanding that the word ‘mother’ be reinstated in women’s health advice?

“By rewriting its maternity policy to be gender neutral, the GMC is sending a hostile message to women in medicine. Sex-based language needs to be reinstated as a matter of urgency.”

In response, the GMC stated: “We have clearly titled maternity, paternity and adoption policies for our staff, which we review regularly.”

‘Shockingly immoral’

It comes as women’s rights campaigners also criticised German manufacturer Braun for promoting trans-affirming surgery, saying it violated advertising standards.

The campaign perpetuates the terrible lie that women can become men

In an advert, a woman who appears to have double mastectomy scars is featured using the Series X Hybrid Trimmers for men.

Executive Director of Sex Matters Maya Forstater highlighted: “Promoting the removal of healthy breast tissue is not only shockingly immoral, but against advertising standards guidance to not glamourise or trivialise cosmetic surgery. The campaign perpetuates the terrible lie that women can become men if they have their breasts removed and take hormones.”

Braun’s owner Procter & Gamble is also the owner of feminine hygiene brand Always, which was recently accused of censorship, after an article on periods was edited to remove the words “women” and “female”.

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