Girl who became Britain’s youngest mum evicted

A woman who became Britain’s youngest mum at the tender age of twelve has been evicted from her house after “blighting” her neighbours lives with drugs and loud music.

Amy Crowhurst, who is now 20, moved into the three-bedroom house last year but she has been evicted following complaints from neighbours.

Miss Crowhurst, who was arrested for growing cannabis last year, became pregnant after a one night stand with a 15-year-old boy, and she became pregnant again three years later.


Last year Miss Crowhurst told Crawley Magistrates’ Court that she smoked cannabis in order to escape the stress of parenthood, and said that she began growing the drug because she could not afford to buy alcohol.

David Bryant, Miss Crowhurst’s landlord, said: “She moved in just over a year ago and was referred to me by the council.

“There were problems from the start. She has been in court for drug offences and recently had her stereo taken from her because she was making such a nuisance with noise.

“That was the final straw. Something had to be done.”


Earlier this month the Government’s health body was accused of normalising teenage pregnancy after it released guidelines stating that schools and colleges should hold antenatal classes for pregnant pupils.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), wanted the scheme to run in schools in areas with high levels of teenage pregnancy.

However, the suggestion outraged family campaigners, who warned that it would simply normalise teenage pregnancy.


Patricia Morgan, a social researcher and author, cautioned: “This makes teenage pregnancy socially acceptable and fuels the ‘baby club’ mentality.

“We need to decide what we are trying to say to teenagers. Is pregnancy at this age right or wrong? Is the aim of the Government’s Teenage Pregnancy Strategy simply to make teenagers happy about it?”

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