Girl expected to be ‘vegetative’ walks to raise money for NHS

A three-year-old girl whose parents were told she would be wheelchair-bound for life is walking every day to raise money for the NHS.

Doctors said Daisy, from Sutton, would “likely be in a vegetative state” and her chances of walking were close to “impossible”.

But last year she took her first steps and is now raising money for the NHS with the help of her walking frame.


Daisy is doing a “rainbow walk”, wearing different colours of the rainbow every day, and has so far raised over £4,000.

She was diagnosed with severe spina bifida, hydrocephalus and club foot while still in the womb.

Her parents are hopeful that she will soon be able to walk without support.


Earlier this month, a baby who underwent pioneering in-womb spina bifida surgery celebrated her first birthday at home.

Kieron and Bethan Simpson from Essex refused to have an abortion after their daughter was diagnosed with the condition.

Bethan described Elouise as “happy and smiley” and said her future is as “bright as any baby”.

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