Girl, 14, gets death threats for defending marriage

A 14-year-old girl in America received death threats and abuse after taking a stand for the traditional definition of marriage.

Sarah appeared before the state of Maryland’s legislature last month where she urged lawmakers not to redefine marriage.

She urged a committee to give her “the best birthday present ever,” by “vot[ing] no on gay marriage.”


But after the youngster’s testimony appeared online she was subjected to vulgar attacks, threats of violence and even death wishes.

One of the comments against her said, “I hate people like this. Most (not all) Americans are [expletive] retards. If I ever see this girl, I will kill her. That’s a promise.”

Other documented responses included: “I’m gonna kill ‘er!”


“Her parents should be exterminated.”

“The [sic] is why abortion must stay legal—to prevent little bigots like this from being Born…”

“Kill this child and his [sic] parent, for my 11 birthday would be a wonderful gift, thanks.”

“Parents like hers should be sterilized…”


Sarah testified before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee at the end of January.

She said: “I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it’s fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on.

“I don’t want more kids to get confused about what’s right and okay. I really don’t want to grow up in a world where marriage isn’t such a special thing anymore.”


In Britain a Conservative MP has revealed that he had received a death threat because of his support for the traditional definition of marriage.

David Burrowes MP made the revelation at the launch of Coalition for Marriage, a new grassroots campaign group dedicated to preserving the traditional definition of marriage, last week.

He said: “I myself have been subjected to hate mail, to accusations of homophobia, and to a death threat as well, which is just extraordinary when one is affirming what the law is as it stands and has done historically for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.”