GB News presenter: ‘My unborn son was undeniably a living being’

A GB News presenter has shared how she relented from aborting her unborn son three times as she came to understand he was “undeniably a living being”.

Nana Akua describes herself as “passionately” pro-abortion and has twice opted for abortion when she was around eleven weeks pregnant. But five years ago, she walked away from an abortion clinic after seeing a pro-life campaigner’s depiction of a baby at the same gestation as her 18-week-old son.

Akua was writing in response to the case of Carla Foster, who was jailed after killing her unborn baby by taking abortion pills when she was around 33 weeks pregnant.

‘Daily joy’

Akua said she experienced similar emotional turbulence to Foster. In her case her emotions led her, “on three separate occasions, to a local abortion clinic — and, each time, to walk away again, the feeling of my unborn child kicking inside me preventing me going through with it.

“On the third occasion, greeted by a placard depicting a foetus at the same gestation as my own growing baby held by pro-life campaigners, something inside me shifted: here was undeniably a living being, and I resolved then and there to have this baby come what may.

“Ten weeks later, as I watched him fight for his life in an incubator, I felt profound guilt that I had ever even contemplated not bringing him into the world. Happily, he thrived, and today he is a delightful five-year-old who daily brings me joy.”

Conception: The nuclei of sperm and egg fuse to create a single cell with a unique genetic code. Human life has begun.
Week 5: Already the baby’s heart is pumping blood. Major organs have begun to grow and limb buds have sprouted. Some facial features are evident. Brain signals have been recorded from about 40 days.
Week 9: The baby has begun to move. All organs, muscles and nerves are beginning to function. Limbs, digits, joints and even fingerprints are evident.
Week 16: The sex is apparent. The baby has hair, nails and a cartilage skeleton, and can pull faces.
Week 20: Growing rapidly, the baby can turn somersaults and suck his or her thumb.

Censorship zones

Last month, the Government’s new Public Order Act received Royal Assent. The Act will criminalise peaceful protest outside abortion clinics in England and Wales.

MPs backed the introduction of censorship zones in 2022, after Labour MP Stella Creasy tabled an amendment to the legislation. She claimed it would not limit free speech and that it would protect women from alleged ‘intimidation and harassment’.

But when the Bill reached the House of Lords, Peers severely criticised the amendment — criminalising people who pray or offer advice to pregnant women within a 150m radius of an abortion clinic — as a significant threat to religious freedom. Conservative Peer Lord Farmer said the amendment risked putting “the UK’s first ‘thought crime’ into statute”.

The censorship zones are due to come into force in the coming months.



Despite our already liberal abortion law, and the 200,000 abortions carried out in Britain every year, campaigners are strongly pushing for abortion on demand across the UK.

When does human life begin?

When does human life begin?

Christian thinking and contemporary opposition

John R Ling

When does human life begin? It is a fundamental and decisive question because your answer reveals your understanding of the nature and status of the human embryo. It also shapes your stance on the big bioethical issues of the day such as abortion, cloning and embryonic stem cell research. There are many voices sowing confusion, but the Bible is unmistakably clear that human life begins at conception. In this booklet, John Ling provides a wide-ranging explanation of biblical truth, the historical Christian perspective and evidence from modern science to support this position.

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