GB Gymnastics: ‘Males can use girls’ changing rooms’

New guidance from British Gymnastics allowing males who say they are female to share changing facilities with girls has come under fire from parents.

Clubs are also being told that transgender competitors must be allowed to share accommodation spaces with the opposite sex when competing away from home, regardless of their age and without informing parents.

The new guidance has been issued to thousands of British Gymnastics clubs, with more than 350,000 members.

At risk

British Gymnastics launched the new policy after receiving advice from trans activists.

It reads: “Competition organisers must ensure that all participants are able to have access to changing rooms and toilets, according to the gender in which they present.”

Adding: “If an individual remains unhappy about a trans person using facilities appropriate to their gender identity, then they should make alternative arrangements.”

British Gymnastics has also prevents coaches from telling parents if their daughters are sharing rooms with boys identifying as girls, and is allowing boys to compete in female-only competitions.

‘Safeguarding nightmare’

But concerned parents say the policy puts their daughters’ safety at risk.

One mother said she was “horrified” when she received a copy of the new policy from her nine-year-old daughter’s coach.

She said: “The fact that boys are now allowed to change with girls is a safeguarding nightmare. I’m not happy about this at all and nor is my daughter.

“When I spoke to the other parents at the club, they couldn’t believe a sporting body would put children at risk in that way.”

Another Mum said she would not encourage her daughter to compete “for her own safety.”

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