Gay marriage group gets public cash to ‘suppress other views’

A pro-gay marriage group is getting taxpayers’ money to “promote their own views and to suppress any other view”, according to a Director of a Christian organisation.

Revd David Robertson warned that the Equality Network labels anyone who disagrees with their position as “homophobic”.

But the taxpayer-funded group denies the accusation, and says it respects those who disagree with its policies.


Revd Robertson, who leads the SOLAS group, was responding to the £1.6 million that the Equality Network has received from the Scottish Government since 2007.

The money is for the group’s schools programme, but Revd Robertson said: “The Equality Network have a definition of homophobia which means that anyone who disagrees with their position is homophobic.

“For example, I am not homophobic but am opposed to the redefinition of marriage.


“The Equality Network has now been given money, not to combat homophobic bullying, but to promote their own views and to suppress any other view.”

“Ironically this is more likely to increase bullying than to decrease it.”

Revd Robertson continued: “I am sure there are as many Muslims and Christians who have experienced Islamophobic or Christophobic bullying as there are homosexuals.”


He said: “But the power of the homosexual lobby is such that any application for funding is going to be accepted by the Government because not to do so would mean that the Government themselves would be accused of homophobia.

“We do not accept the narrative that you are either a homophobe or support the self-styled Equality Network’s position.

“Indeed the current climate is such that we fear people are being bullied into accepting a position they do not hold, because they are afraid of being labelled homophobic.


“Questioning, rational discussion and decisions based on evidence rather than emotion, seem to have been thrown out of the window”.

Revd Robertson concluded: “The obvious wrong of the bullying of homosexuals is being used as a tool to further undermine the Christian morality and tradition of Scotland.

“It is to the Scottish Government’s shame that it cannot either see this, or is not prepared to stand up to it.”

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