Gay marriage: grassroots SNP supporters speak out

Grassroots SNP supporters have voiced their opposition to the Scottish Government’s plans to redefine marriage.

The Government, led by the Scottish National Party, revealed its intention to push ahead with same-sex marriage earlier this year, despite widespread public opposition.

But last week SNP supporters revealed their frustration with the controversial plans at a Scotland for Marriage fringe event at the SNP’s annual conference.


Robert Stewart, former Secretary of the SNP Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch Constituency Association, said: “I resigned from the party on Wednesday 25th July after twenty-two years of being an activist over this very issue.”

Doreen Baxter, from Polmont, said: “I have supported the SNP for well over 40 years, but I have informed them that if they pass this marriage bill, they will never get another vote from me.”

And George and Maureen Brown, from Dundee, said: “We both voted for the SNP at the last Scottish Elections. Because of the SNP stand on redefining marriage, we will not be so voting again.”

Free speech

Former SNP leader Gordon Wilson addressed the audience of around 200 people, including conference delegates, at the meeting in Perth.

He said the same-sex marriage legislation would impact free speech and freedom of conscience.

Mr Wilson said: “Take one freedom away, it’s easier to take away another one”.


He added, “Wake up, there is more at stake than you think, it’s not same-sex marriage, it’s the essential freedoms of a Western democracy.”

Mr Wilson warned that the SNP may have alienated voters by adopting same-sex marriage.