Gay lobby’s media ‘crusade’ revealed

A gay journalist has upset a homosexual lobbyist by revealing how the two conspired with Peter Mandelson and Sir Ian McKellen in the 80s to change public opinion on ‘gay rights’.

Matthew Parris has been slammed by activist Nicholas De Jongh who has accused him of ‘blowing’ confidentiality that had been maintained for years.

In an article for The Times, Mr Parris referred to “clandestine” meetings where “media resistance” to a law preventing schools from promoting homosexuality was planned.

He credits a “slow-burning, 40-year crusade” by the homosexual lobby for the way in which attitudes have changed towards issues such as gay adoption.

Mr De Jongh, whom Mr Parris also says was present at the meetings, has denied there was “any such lonesome foursome conspiring in private. The meetings were generally open to gay media people”.

In a letter to The Times, Mr De Jongh adds: “Our meetings were off-the-record, since some of those present were closeted.

“Confidentiality was maintained for years until Parris, without consulting anyone, blew it.”

Mr Parris’s comments came in a commentary published alongside a new opinion poll commissioned by The Times newspaper.

The poll shows that 49 per cent of the population is in favour of gay adoption, with 47 per cent against.

Mr De Jongh and Mr Parris agree that one of the group’s main targets was Section 28, which was passed in 1988. Section 28 banned local authorities from promoting homosexuality in schools and other places. Its repeal in 2003 was one of a series of ‘gay rights’ measures brought in over the past decade.

A proposed new equality duty in the Equality Bill currently before Parliament may force schools to promote homosexuality in lessons.

Last year leading homosexual activist Sir Ian McKellen spoke of conversations he had with Tony Blair before he became Prime Minister in 1997.

“I reeled off Stonewall’s demands,” Sir Ian said, “and he nodded, wrote them down and put a tick by them all. Then he said we will do all that.”

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