Gay dads set to use sex selection to make sure they get baby girls

A British same-sex couple who currently have four boys and a girl are set to use sex selection of embryos in a bid to obtain female triplets.

Sex selection is only allowed in the UK on strict medical grounds, so the pair plan to have the procedure in the USA.

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow became the first British same-sex couple to be named on their children’s birth certificates in 1999 and Barrie now claims his “biological clock is ticking” and he needs “another princess”.


Previously the couple, who entered into a civil partnership in 2006 and had a same-sex marriage in 2014, have said they wanted to go to court to force churches to host same-sex weddings.

I feel like I need more babies because I’m selfish
Barrie Drewitt-Barlow

Defending the sex selection process, Barrie said they had used it for their other children and that he wanted a girl to ‘balance’ their family.

“I feel like I need more babies because I’m selfish”, he said, adding: “Some people say I’m addicted to having babies and, weirdly, I think they might be right.”

’Another princess’

“My biological clock is ticking and I really would love to have more babies, as all too soon our children will be thinking about flying the nest.

“I need to have another princess in my life – or two or three. There’s way too much testosterone in our house with four boys, Tony and I”, Barrie said.