Gay adoption: Grandparents haven’t seen kids for 3 years

A couple who objected to their grandchildren being adopted by two gay men have been blocked from seeing their grandchildren for three years.

The elderly couple from Edinburgh have spoken out in response to Scottish Government plans to give grandparents more rights.

No contact

The saga began in 2009 when social workers told the couple to drop their objection to gay adoption, or never see their grandchildren again.

The grandparents had previously cared for the children because their mother was a drug addict.

But social workers decided the children would be better looked after by a gay couple.

The grandparents objected because they wanted the children to be cared for by a heterosexual couple, so that they would have a mum and a dad.


The council has since apologised for the way the matter was handled, but is still blocking the grandparents from seeing the children.

A council spokesman said that at the time of the adoption, it was made “very clear” to the family that there would be “no direct contact”.

They are only allowed to send birthday and Christmas cards. The Council says it is acting in the best interests of the children.

The grandfather, 64, has angina and the grandmother, 49, has diabetes. The grandmother is worried that her husband may never see the children again before he dies.