Discount store found selling padded bras for 8-year-olds

Discount retailer Matalan has launched a review after it emerged that the retailer is selling padded bras for girls aged just eight-years-old.

The investigation, by a popular national newspaper, also found the store selling hot pants aimed at four-year-olds.

And “provocative” sequin tops bearing the slogan “Don’t even think about it” were also available for youngsters.


However the clothes, which come amidst a Government review into the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood, are likely to concern many.

The controversial bras are designed to give the appearance of a developed bosom to pre-teen girls and cost just £4.50. They are available from size 28AA and have already sold out in some sizes.

Sally Brook, an editor at The Sun, said: “Matalan has really disgraced itself.”

She added: “Most cynical of all is aiming padded bras at the pre-teen market.


“Some parents may think it’s harmless, but it isn’t. It sends out the wrong message – that girls need to think about being sexy.

“No wonder more kids than ever have a poor body image and we have such a high teen pregnancy rate.”

However, the discount retailer has now released a statement promising an immediate review.


It added: “Matalan is a family retailer and is committed to only selling clothing for children that it considers appropriate.”

Last April Primark was forced to withdraw padded bikinis for seven-year-olds after critics condemned the store for fuelling child sexualisation.

The Children’s Society slammed the popular high street chain for “premature sexualisation and unprincipled advertising”.


And a child protection consultant who works to help victims of paedophilia said: “It never fails to amaze me just how many High Street household names are now prepared to exploit the disgusting ‘paedophile pound’.”

Before the election Conservative leader David Cameron described the bikinis as “disgraceful”. Parents warned that children were facing pressure to grow up too soon.


The bikini sets were on sale in Primark for just £4. They were bright pink with gold stars.

Primark apologised for “any offence caused” and said they would donate any profits from the sale of the bikinis to a children’s charity.

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