French Government foists ‘gender theory’ on schools

The socialist Government in France has been accused of forcing schools to follow ‘gender theory’.

Earlier this year, the French Government passed a law to introduce genderless marriage.

Now an education ministry report wants the deconstruction of gender as early as possible in the school system.


France’s women’s rights minister is launching the “ABC of gender equality” in lessons for children aged six to eleven.

In June, France’s top primary school teachers’ union called for pupils to read a book called “Daddy wears a dress”.

But critics say that ignoring the differences between boys and girls could do more harm than good.


One French commentator said: “When our little boys are able to play with tea sets and our little girls get interested in racing cars, will our society really be in a better state?”

In January, France’s education minister was accused of trying to gag faith schools from criticising same-sex marriage.

Vincent Peillon ordered the schools to keep quiet and asked education officials to keep watch and report any ‘anti-gay’ views.


Last week it emerged that a taxpayer-funded group in Scotland had published advice for childcare workers, telling them to dress boys as butterflies.

Workers were also warned not to compliment a girl on her hair, and told to let boys dress up as nurses.

Challenging ‘gender stereotypes’ would help tackle domestic violence, the group claimed.

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