Freedoms upheld by Magna Carta: Read our briefing today

Christians can thank God for the constitutional rights and liberties established by Magna Carta, a new briefing from The Christian Institute says.

Magna Carta, Latin for “Great Charter”, is 800 years old on 15 June and establishes the principle that no one, not even the king, is above the law.

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The briefing looks at how Magna Carta came to be written in 1215, and how the document is still relevant today.

It highlights the danger that exists in the 21st century of sacrificing freedom in the name of security, and the powerful ideas guarding against tyranny embedded within Magna Carta.

Many people know the basic details of its ‘signing’ by King John under pressure from his barons. Less well known is the guiding influence of the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, especially in its clauses on religious freedom.

Liberty denied

The significance of Magna Carta for the fight against slavery and for the American Revolution are also highlighted in the briefing.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said: “As Christians we should give thanks to God for the liberties he has granted to us and to all UK citizens.

“There are billions of people around the world today who are denied the political and legal freedoms we can too easily take for granted.

Christian worldview

“Magna Carta was forged in the context of a Christian worldview which saw that a nation’s laws and rulers should be subject to God’s law.”

“It is our Christian heritage which has secured liberties for people of all backgrounds”, he concluded.

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