FPA corrects sex advice leaflet for primary kids

Sexual health group, FPA, has corrected a leaflet which mistakenly directed primary school children to a website discussing sex techniques and mixing drugs.

The group has been at the forefront of calls to make sex education compulsory in primary schools.

The leaflet, called “4you”, was published in February by the FPA (formerly known as the Family Planning Association).

It was aimed at children aged 9-11 and recommended a website called thesite.org, an advice site for young adults.

The website’s section on “sex and relationships” includes advice on “Using your love muscle; Sex toys; Fetishes; Bondage for beginners; Threesomes; Tantric sex; Lubed up; Anal play; The A-Z of sex lingo; Aphrodisiacs; Sex on the beach”.

The section about drugs discusses “Mixing drugs; Clubs on drugs; Sex on drugs; Coping with comedowns”.

The FPA said recommending the website was a “printing error” and has since corrected the mistake.

The group said: “As of today (3 June) we are withdrawing all existing stock of this leaflet and we will be reprinting without mention of any external websites.

“If you’ve recently received copies of this leaflet from fpa, we will be happy to replace these once revised copies are available.

“Please contact fpadirect@fpa.org.uk to discuss this. We do apologise for this mistake.”

In September last year the FPA was criticised for producing a cartoon-style sex education comic for six-year-olds.

It included a puzzle asking children to draw a line from the words “vagina” and “testicles” to the correct areas of a picture of a naked girl and boy.

The group was also criticised for promoting a leaflet and video which told girls as young as 14 that abortion was their ‘right’ and that the warnings about the negative consequences of abortion are just ‘myths’.

“Women may feel relieved, have mixed feelings or feel sad. Only a few women experience long-term psychological problems and those women who do often had similar problems before pregnancy,” the leaflet read.

But the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) had earlier warned that having an abortion can damage a woman’s mental health. The RCP said women should be warned of the risks before proceeding.

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