Foster mother reported to social services for questioning gender ideology lessons

A foster mother nearly had the children in her care removed after a teacher reported her to social services because she questioned the school’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons.

The parent, who cannot be named, raised concerns that the school’s teaching was ideological and unbalanced.

Some lessons used the discredited ‘Genderbread Person’ diagram, which claims there are an infinite number of gender identity “options” and that sex ‘exists on a continuum’.


The lessons included a video by a 12-year-old identifying as ‘non-binary’ who said gender is “dynamic” and claimed toilets are “just another way to categorise people”.

In response to the criticism, the teacher told social services that she was “very concerned about the environment these girls are growing up in”.

She accepted that they were “well presented, well fed, looked after physically and loved”, but feared they might grow up with “similar bigoted viewpoints”.

The mum, who had fostered for several “exemplary years”, said: “Although you’re given children that initially you don’t know, by raising them and having them in your family you grow to love them as your own. And they are precious to me.”

Legal action

The foster mother has joined a group of parents and teachers in taking legal action against the Department for Education.

The group argues that ministers have been “wilfully negligent” by allowing material from groups like Stonewall to be used in schools.

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