‘Forced abortions and removal of wombs’ for Uighur women in China

A doctor has opened up about her involvement in the Chinese Government’s ‘ethnic cleansing’.

The doctor, who has since fled to Turkey, confessed that she had participated in at least 500-600 operations on Uighur women, involving forced contraception and removal of wombs.

Last month, China’s official statistics showed that the Uighur birth rate had dropped by one third in 2018.


The doctor told ITV News how she had gone from village to village to perform the operations.

“We’d gather all the women and herd them onto tractors. Young women were fitted with contraceptive devices. Pregnant women would have to have an abortion, then sterilisation.

“We even inserted birth control implants into women’s upper arms to prevent pregnancy. This is how the Government persecuted the Uighur women.”

She added that babies were aborted at full term, killed after birth or thrown away while dying.

‘Hide their baby’

The doctor now works as a gynaecologist in Turkey, helping some of the Uighur women who have fled the Communist regime.

One tearfully relayed how she had to hide her second pregnancy from authorities, after her first baby was forcibly removed from her body.

She said “Nowhere in the world should someone need to hide their baby to save it.”

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