First legally non-binary person now regrets transgender ‘fraud’

The first American to be officially recognised as ‘non-binary’ has rejected transgender ideology and now recognises that he is a man.

A judge allowed Jamie Shupe to legally live as neither male nor female in 2016 – a decision he described at the time as giving him his “life back”.

But in an explosive new blog post, he describes so-called gender identity as a “fraud”, rejected all ties to transgenderism and said: “I am and have always been male”.


In his January blog post, Shupe wrote that he now understood he had been male for the entirety of his marriage and parenthood.

“I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and renounce all ties to transgenderism”, he said.

My tale is a cautionary lesson for anyone who believes that you can change your sex.

Jamie Shupe

Since making his comments, Twitter temporarily banned him after he told an enquirer that he believed gender dysphoria is a “mental illness”.

Cautionary lesson

On his blog, Shupe outlined his views that ‘gender identity’ is a fraud “perpetrated by psychiatry” and stated that he would no longer endorse the trend.

He wrote: “I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.”

Noting that there “should be no social or legal penalty for others to state” that he had always been male, he said: “My tale is a cautionary lesson for anyone who believes that you can change your sex.”

In 2016 Shupe was represented by a supportive lawyer in his effort to be recognised as non-binary, after previously attempting to live as a woman. His request was granted by Oregon judge Amy Holmes Hehn.

Biologically impossible

Respected US psychiatrist Dr Paul R. McHugh has warned that the “sense of being transgendered” should be viewed as a mental health condition because being born ‘in the wrong body’ does not “correspond with physical reality”.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Dr McHugh said: “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible”. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women.”

The former pychiatrist-in-chief for John Hopkins hospital said it was misguided to claim it was a civil rights issue, or to encourage major surgery on patients.

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